Why a Trusted Choice Insurance Agent?

Trust ChoiceThere are two primary types of insurance agents. “Captive” agents are employees of one insurance company and can only write policies for that company. This means they are limited to their company’s coverage plans.

Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents, however, are able to source from a variety of reputable national and local providers. They have the flexibility to offer a broader range of options at highly competitive prices, so you get a personally tailored plan to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you are searching for Personal or Business insurance, a Trusted Choice Independent Agent such as Taylor Insurance is free to shop multiple providers on your behalf. More freedom means more options and more savings for you.
As a Trusted Choice Agency, we’re dedicated to treating you as a person, not a policy.


Work with you to identify the insurance and financial services that are right for you, your family and your business by maintaining relationships with multiple companies
Guide you through the claims process from start to finish
Provide satisfactory resolutions to any problems related to your coverage or account
Offer knowledgeable explanations of all available coverage and options
Provide quick responses to all email and phone inquiries
Apply our industry experience to tailor coverage to your specific needs
Engage in continuing education to remain current and effective in delivering the latest products
Treat every client with respect and courtesy
Conduct business in an ethical manner